ELB / Guppy hybrids

Endler's Guppy mix

This is a picture of a hybrid between Endler's Livebearer and a Guppy.
I have hybrid endlers at home, many of them are blond Hybrid Endlers.

A created blond hybrid

In the begin of the year 2008 I tried to make a hybrid of a Brazil ''Wildtype'' guppy and a Endler with yellow coloured skin. A mond later when I looked in my aquarium I saw a few guppies, blond hybrid's(the picture above) that have almost the same colours as the blond male at the right picture (at the Albino endlers text) except the swordstail and it has metallic yellow eyes. I can conclude that mixing guppies and elb's can create many types that look like other's that already exist. ( If someone likes to buy some send me a mail on kmmvdijk@hotmail.com )

There are also many fishes sold to people that are not the official ELB type, in this group are many hybrids.

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  1. How do you tell the difference between the males and females of the Hybrids?


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